Thursday, January 14, 2010

So. Goddamn. Sick

I've got several more Bhutan posts to do, but I figured this week's little adventure is part of the adventure so I might as well blog about it. On the end of day 4, well, actually, 29 minutes into day 5 of a bought with pneumonia. Woke up Saturday night with a high fever, and didn't get out of bed until Monday morning. Made it downstairs to clean up after the housebound dog, finally let him out, and refill his water and food. Tried to play some Uncharted 2, but in the game you are running around villages in the Himalayas and I'm thinking - meh, been there, done that... in real life. Of course it could be argued that the Uncharted 2 dude's experience is quite a bit more acrobatic and harrowing, but with an ample dose of poetic license I'm comfortable claiming I have personally lived the Uncharted 2 experience. But I digress. Reading is a pain because the book I'm reading is a huge hardback (I really hate hardbacks) and I'm so GD weak that holding it wears me out. Internet was out until just this evening. So mostly I just stare at the wall. Went back to bed till Tuesday. Made it the doctor on Tuesday. I had no idea what to expect but I thought it quite erudite to expect the worst. Surprisingly, it wasn't too painful of an experience. The doctor washed his hands, was well spoken, and asked good questions. And the whole thing with 5 different medications was like $25 US. Crazy.
Not sleeping much, just when I dope myself up enough to sleep cough for a couple hours here and there.
The dog was worried for a while and even threw up Monday from nerves, but now he's totally over it and spending most of the time in the spare bedroom away from the noise and flailing.
Cried for a little bit today. It was terribly emasculating and quite pitiful, and as I haven't cried for years I kind of had forgotten how, but it seemed to help a bit. How's that for hard hitting honest blogging. Take that Julie and Julia woman. That might be a bit too obscure a reference for some readers. Let me try again. Take that Perez Hilton. That's better.
I have a strong feeling tomorrow is going to be the hump and then a quick road to recovery. The rare and delicate combination of the severity, the duration, and the location of this malady definitely places it in my top list of worst crap ever.
The India Adventure will continue as normal soon...

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